What EHIC rights do you have in Denmark

What EHIC rights do you have in Denmark

Traveling with children is always a bit more worried than when traveling alone, even if you travel to an EU country that has reciprocal health agreements with the UK, like Denmark, adequate insurance is a must. Invest in a family travel policy and you can then relax with the knowledge that every member of your family is covered comprehensively if medical help is needed.
Denmark and The EHIC


Denmark is a country that accepts the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and if every member of your family has it, they are entitled to certain health benefits, such as free medical care in a public hospital and consultation with a doctor or dentist. This card is not an insurance policy, and if you need personal care, you should rely on family travel policies as insurance for reimbursement of the money paid.

Access the Doctor with EHIC

If you do not have insurance in the form of a family travel policy, and depending on your EHIC, you need to access a doctor listed in a public health service. You are then entitled to reclaim the fees paid to the doctor. Dental costs are replaced but not completely, unless you have an up to date family travel policy from a travel insurance company. Personal treatment of any kind will only be reimbursed through a private insurance company.

If you or your family members need a doctor and you do not have private insurance, you must make an appointment first, after which you must submit your EHIC. The same system applies to dentists, who happen to always ask for contributions for care. However, under 18 years of receiving free dental care in Denmark. What EHIC rights do you have in Denmark

Hospital treatment

If you need to visit the hospital in an emergency in Denmark, your treatment will be free. For each visit to the hospital, provided you have been referred by a GP and provided free treatment to EHIC. Translators are also given free for non-Danish speakers.


In Denmark, everyone pays his own medicine. This fee can not be claimed back from the state. A good family travel policy should give you the right to reclaim medical expenses, which is a good reason to invest in one case.

What about Repatriation? What EHIC rights do you have in Denmark

It should be noted that the return from Denmark to the UK is not covered by EHIC and only a comprehensive insurance policy will cover the cost of this incident.

So, the message is always the same. When traveling to a country in the EU, while EHIC gives you a small fee or even free health care, it’s good to have back-up insurance, especially if you’re traveling with family.

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