I Need Extra Help to Get Through My Classes

School has always been a frustration for me in the past because I have ADHD. I’m very smart, but I need a little extra time to absorb what I’m learning. Many educators do not offer extra time to students on a continuous basis. They have pretty strict deadlines that students are expected to follow. Utilizing the surveys of computersciencehomeworkhelpers.com has been so helpful me with getting through my classes much easier. I wish I would have known about the site a year ago because it would have helped me to make better grades much sooner.

I use the previously mentioned site to help me write my research papers for the variety of different computer science-related classes that I take. Without the help of the people who run that site, I don’t know that I would still be in college. It’s stunning to me that ADHD is talked about often, but no additional help is given at many schools to help people with ADHD to succeed more easily. Not all of us take prescription medications, and many of us do not want to be forced to take them, just so that we can fit into the schedules that everyone else is able to follow more easily in school.

I would say that I typically need an extra week or so to really absorb things that I learn in my classes. However, most of my professors move forward to a new chapter in our class textbooks at the end of every week. I fall further and further behind because of it. When a professor tells us that we are to write a new research paper on a certain topic, I now go to that site above, give them a rough outline of what I need written, and they write the paper for me. While they work on the paper, I spend my time studying the topic at hand. This gives me more time to really memorize what I need to know much more easily.