She Needed to Have New Locks Put in

When my daughter married the man of her dreams, I tried to be happy for her. There was just something about him that seemed off to me, but she expressed daily how happy she was. It was not until they were married that she saw what I was seeing. I should say she experienced it, because he had quite the temper with her. My daughter is a strong woman, and she refused to put up with this since it was not going away. She contacted a residential locksmith in Brisbane Australia to find out how long it would take for him to change the locks on their condo.

She was not worried about her husband breaking in and hurting her, but she did think that he would come in and cause a lot of damage after she told him she wanted a divorce. Her father and I felt the same way after she told us everything, and we went to the condo with her. It was her condo, as he had moved in with her after they were married, and she was not going to give it up to him or to her own fears.

The locksmith came out and he was able to change the locks on the front door as well as the backdoor. He even helped out by changing the lock on the garage door after hearing the story from the three of us. He also told her about security systems if she wanted to know who was at her door without opening it up. He was just so very helpful, and I know that my husband and I felt very relieved after he was done installing the new locks and explaining some safety tips. Our daughter is going to have a hard time trusting a man again, but we know she will when the right one comes along. For now, she can keep the bad ones out thanks to the new locks.